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  1. Information will be provided shortly.
  2. 📅 Assessment & Selection Course | Class 011 | S-7

    Information will be provided shortly.
  3. 📅 Operator Training Course | Class 010 | S-7

    Information will be provided shortly.
  4. 📅 Assessment & Selection Course | Class 010 | S-7

    Time: Friday, September 9th, 2022 at 2000 Hours CST/CDT Course: Assessment and Selection Course
  5. SITREP 08.20.22

    UNCLASSIFIED BRIEFING SITREP 08.20.22 During the next few days, the unit will be reactivating and begin recruitment, training and operations. Operation Triple Canopy will be the units first campaign, located in South East Asia, more information about the campaign will be posted in the near future and per-deployment training will focus on getting personnel accustomed to jungle warfare. Over the next few weeks there will be various changes made to the unit as we enhance our training material, mod pack and TTP's. We request that all personnel be patient during this stage, as our intention is to be as thorough as possible to provide the best experience possible. We hope to have ironed out any disorganization that maybe on display in the coming weeks, as we fill leadership billets with quality individuals who believe in the same values as the unit is founded on. Feel free to jump on our TeamSpeak at ts.specialmissionunit.net or join the unit's Discord https://discord.gg/EKeF55Ygqv for further discussion or clarification. Below is our current showcase video, more showcase videos will be published over time as and when the units completes operations, so please show some love and give us a thumbs up, the support is great appreciated. Signed Major A. Mitchell
  6. Operator Training Course Class 004-1

    Operator Training Course Class 004-1 Date: 04SEP21 Time: 1900 Hours UTC -5 Attendance: All personnel who have completed A&S are permitted to attend the Operator Training Course. Details: The Operator Training Course (OTC) will teach you the basic skills required of an operator in USASOC. You will be expected to master a variety of skills, to include: light infantry tactics, reconnaissance tactics, techniques, and procedures, close quarters battle and irregular warfare. Course Material: https://specialmissionunit.net/training_documents/
  7. Field Training Exercise 0821-1

    Field Training Exercise 0821-1 Date: 13th of August 2021 Time: 2000 Hours UTC-5 Attendance: All personnel who have completed A&S are permitted to attend the FTX and Official Operation. Details: This field training exercise will focus on extending the operators' skill levels in relation to CQB, mid-range engagements and coordinating movement (Shoot, move, communicate).
  8. Unit Meeting

    Date: 4th of August 2021 Time: 2000 Hours UTC-5 This will be a mandatory meeting for all personnel, which will most likely go for no more than 1 hour. This meeting will allow command to answer and confirm any questions, and also allow command to provide an updated unit overview for the following month, which will hopefully allow the unit to get things a little more organized.
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