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  1. Military Entrance Processing Station

    1. Pending Applications

      Applications pending S-1 Personnel Action. An application should only be processed further if all questions asked by the application form have been correctly filled out by the applicant, and also should be answered, by the applicant, in a professional, informative manner.

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    2. Approved Applications

      Applications that are accepted by S-1 Personnel.

    3. Denied Applications

      Denied applications processed by S-1 Personnel. 

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    4. Introductions

      Form submits from introductions to the unit. Introductions should give a reasonable description of the submitters character and experiences, this in turn allows the units members to better understand how to best interact with said individual.

      • Guest D. Merrill
  2. Operations

    1. Operation Orders

      OPORDs for upcoming operations.

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    2. Intelligence Reports

      Form submits for intelligence/reconnaissance reports.

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    3. After Action Reports

      Detailed AARs from operations, FTXs, etc.

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  3. Training

    1. Training Reports

      Form submits for all training reports.

      • Guest C. Beason
    2. Instructor Requests

      Form submits for members requesting a course

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  4. Administration

    1. Non-Judicial Punishments

      Form submits for all NJPs.

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    2. Transfer Requests

      Form submits for all Transfer Requests.

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    3. Leave of Absense Requests

      Form submits for all Leave of Absense requests.

      • Guest G. Garcia
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